Creative Valentines’ day Gifts for Him

15. Wooden Item Holder

15. Wooden Item Holder

Valentines’ day is just around the corner. This is the perfect time for you to show your loved ones that you love them, and how much you love them, by giving them special gifts for him. I personally find it quite difficult to buy or make the perfect gifts for my valentine. If you are like me, here is some help for you. Take a look at these ideas on gifts that you can give you male loved one. These will surely get them feeling loved and special.

Letters to your Valentine

This is an absolutely creative and special gift to give him. It involves writing a number of letters that are to be opened on different occasions. This gift is best given to him if he is far from you. This way, you can write each letter to address different situations he will or might face because of being away from him.

Sewn Design for Cards

If you had planned to make a card to give to him this Valentine’s Day, this is a brilliant idea for you to try out. It is simply making a heart on the front page of the card by using some colorful thread, and sewing. This is definitely a unique design for a card, and will make you look artsy and creative.

Kinder Egg Sweet Messages

This is an absolutely creative and special idea for a valentines’ day gift. You simply place some notes or pieces of paper in an empty capsule and place the capsule into the kinder egg. On the notes or papers, you have to write some of the things you love about the receiver. Make the notes or pieces as attractive to look at as you possibly can.

Scrap Book Gift for Him

For this, you will need to get a collection of photographs or some drawings. In the scrap book, on one side, place a photograph or a drawing, and on the other side of the page, you can the write a sweet message that is related to what is going on in the photograph or drawing. He will surely appreciate and enjoy this gift.

Pop-up Photo Box

This is simply a small but creative looking box that has a line of photographs. Stick some photos onto a long piece of paper. Then, fold the paper, in a neat way making sure that the photographs do not get destroyed. Place this into the creative small box and give this as a gift to him. On the top face of the box, you could write both his and your initials in a heart.

Photograph Story Book

For this gift idea, you will need to stick some photographs of both you and him in a book. You can stick them in a random pattern, or in a specific order you choose. You can then use a few sweet words telling them how much you care and love them. The idea of the gift is to have more of the photos than words, to clearly create the story of your love without words.

DIY Picture Frame

I absolutely love this DIY. to make the frame, you will need to use material that show cases what he likes to do and what he is passionate about. For example, f he loves working with tools and fixing things, you can then use some tools to make the frame. This is an incredibly creative DIY.

Unique Valentine’s Day Card

What makes this card unique is the design on the front page of it. Instead of just drawing or painting the decorations on the card, you can also make up some “Open Window” lettering. You will need a double layer of papers to make this. One layer to do the cutting out of the windows, and the other to have the decorations and lettering.

Memories Frame

For this, you can use a frame with some space inside, or a clear and see through box. You will basically be placing all the memories you have made since you first knew each other. It could be tickets of your first concert, some coupons you used together or anything like. This is super romantic in my opinion!

Cheesy Valentine’s Day Lamp

If you know that he will enjoy some cheesy romance, then you must give this cheesy light bulb to him as his gift. You can have the light bulb re wired and replace its insides with two heart shapes. If you know that dealing with this is not for you, then make sure that a professional does it for you. The light bulb will still need to work after the re wiring. Stick the bulb on a wooden block to act as the holder. On the block, you can then write a cheesy pun involving something to do with lights.

DIY Tie Rack

This gift will obviously not work for everyone. You have to make sure that this gift is for someone with a whole bunch of ties. The rack will definitely help them keep their ties fresh and not noted. This will also help them be able to choose a tie that matches their outfit properly.

A-Z ‘What I Love About You’ Notes

These are basically some notes describing what you love about him the most. They can be as many as you please. You can make sure that the notes are decorated in a lovely way. The notes can be placed on a key ring so to keep them in one place.

Heart on a Board Gifts for him

I would say this idea is one of my favorites. It involves making a heart out of some nails and some woolen thread. The nails have to be hammered to the wooden board to make the outline of the heart. Then wind the woolen thread onto the nails in any random pattern. The randomness of the pattern will definitely make the heart pop out and look lovely. You can then give this to him so can hang or place anywhere he chooses.

DIY Photo Strip Valentines Box

This involves using a plain cardboard box and some photographs. Stick the photos onto a plain colored strip of paper. Then you can fold the strip and place it into the box. Then, on the lid of the box, you can stick a heart cutout of the same color as the paper you used for the strip. This gift is so lovely and sweet.

Wooden Item Holder

This is quite a unique gift to give to him. It definitely is useful ad will be appreciated by him. It is a wooden item holder, where he can place the objects he uses often and yet misplaces them just as easily as well. He place his keys, wrist watch and phone on this holder so that he will always know where they are.

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