DIY Countdown Calendars for Christmas

2.House Box Calendar

2.House Box Calendar

Christmas is here again, I wonder how dates fly so fast. It feels like 6 months ago when I travelled to GOA, India with my hubby for Christmas last year. It was such a wonderful experience, I still dream of its clean water and sand, the temperature, people, breeze and so much more of that coastal state. But this year, I want it to be different. I have pictured my Christmas and centered it to focus more on the people around me than myself. I want to do little treats and random acts of kindness to my friends, family and even strangers. After all, I think this is the real meaning of Christmas.

When thinking of the décor, I had this plan in mind and thought of how I could incorporate it with decors and at the same time, motivate and remind me about the goal I should accomplish this Christmas. Then I came across few Homemade Advent Calendars in Pinterest, oh they captured my heart. I told myself, “Exactly what I needed”. I researched for more ideas and sorted out the best doable DIY projects. I will share them with you today. They will be quiet helpful for your bucket list or just a Christmas countdown you need for building up the excitation.

Wall Wooden Advent

How can a wall remain plane in Christmas? There is so much you can do to play with the empty space and spice it up. This is one of them. Cutting the wood into small bars of different lengths and hand little bags with dates to complete the goal; calendar. Don’t forget to add the star on top.

House Box Calendar

I hope you already see how cheap this project is. All you have to do is storing the toilet paper rolls in November! Then have a little box piece, rope and a marker pen. Done! Though this calendar will end on 24th so to balance the height of the house but there is no harm in making it thicker and shorter or place the last date at the center of the roof.

Fireplace Countdown Garland

It is winter and people will always be near the fire place for warmth. Give them something to look at and a reason to be excited for Christmas. It is a beautiful décor too.

Advent Calendar Garland

An interesting garland made of mittens, socks and hats with different designs but have two colors in common. White and red; a very good combination for Christmas. Hang them anywhere on your walls and countdown to 25th with family.

Christmas Calendar Box

Go extra and make such a box for your kids. It is colorful enough with lots of stickers on that kids can relate. They can write letters to Santa and tell him what they want for Christmas or you can write them tasks they need to tackle each day before Christmas.

Pottery Ban Knock Off Calendar

Have fun with the Countdown to Christmas in the stylish way you could ever imagine. This is classic and neat. It doesn’t demand much, it is simple and great.

25 days Kindness Challenge

You can sit down with your kids and make a list of 25 acts of kindness that you can do and ending up serving others. These acts will be a goal for each day for 25 days of December. It is a good way to bring up your kids with humble, giving and serving hearts. The project is pretty easy and fun to do, make them involved.

Wall Garden Calendar

Since we normally color our walls in bright color, paint the tins in black for a stronger contrast effect then label them with numbers. Add few plastic plants in the tins for hanging balance and giving it an ideal garden picture.

Ladybug Christmas Calendar

For the love of nature ( insects )! Ladybug is colorful and so you can make an Advent after them. The threads are their antenna, the numbers are bright as their eyes and the body can be colored in different patterns you like. The total look resembles ladybugs crawling on the wall.

Wall Pocket Calendar

Here is a huge calendar that ends on 24th. It has white pockets to accommodate the cards each day. You can use it anyhow depending on your purpose.

White Christmas Calendar

The ground is white in winter ( for countries with snow in winter season ). You can adopt this white in your house and make for yourself a white calendar comprising of silver tins wrapped by white papers with number printed on them. Then add green detail with leaves for a beautiful effect.

Vintage Ladder and Tins Calendar

Tins can be expensive but you can spot a store with sales and it will work in your favor. In there you can leave little notes of the “to do” list and again family can have a session of writing letters to Santa for this year. Don’t forget the lights, they make a statement.

Brown Paper Bag Advent Calendar

Issa brown decor. Brown is calming and cozy. Just dump every brown snack in the jugs and hang the brown paper bags on the black board above them. Enjoy the countdown.

Wooden Advent Tree Board

Christmas trees come in variety designs but same shape. Here is a paper bag tree. The 25 bags are arranged in a huge triangle following the frame behind them which is made out of the pallet. It complements the Christmas tree behind it.

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