DIY Ideas For Storage Hanging Around The House

DIY Ideas For Storage Hanging Around The House 8

DIY Ideas For Storage Hanging Around The House 8

Sometimes storage is misinterpreted for being just locking away stuff in a cabinet somewhere, but that is not the case. Sometimes storage methods can include hanging things around the house,it can bring a decorative edge while also serving the purpose of being a functional storage idea. Below we have tried to give you some all round ideas for your home that are easy to do with materials that are either easily available in the home or easy to get your hands on, we hope you enjoy.

This toothbrush holder is perfect for those who don’t want to hang a a big cabinet on the wall. Easy to put up and very affordable.

Stacking pans on top of each other can sometimes be a chore when you have to dig out the bottom one, this sliding mechanism for the cabinet can help you hang your pans outside and simply slide it in for storage.


Pinning up support beams on the wall and placing planks on them also brings a vintage feel to any room and gives u the ability to put things on there, be it for functional or decorative uses.

A step by step guide for the botanical enthusiast .


Another one for those who would love to plant something, this is a simple idea where you plant your plants in jars and you hang them up on a plank this way, Labeling what is in each jar will help keep track on what you are growing where.

Some storage food cabinets can be too far to reach from the fridge or kitchen itself but this hidden pantry is a great idea that keeps everything functional and your kitchen neat,(it has come with some designs and specifications for you)

This is one of the best multipurpose cabinets one can have in the house. It uses all the storing methods one can think of, tuck stuff away, hang some on it, slide it in, however way you might need this it will surely work for anyone.

For the Kitchen this paper towel rack is a great idea, simply remove one of the sliding cabinets and insert a wooden rod where the paper towels will stay and you have easy access to them.

By adding a simple string at the top of your utensils such as this is done makes it easier for you to hang to hang on a nail or clip on the wall.

Another functional example of a multipurpose board that is used to hang all sorts of different things, it can be used in many settings all around the house.

These simple adhesive hooks will work in many ways around the home and they are amazing because they are durable and can hang almost anything as long as not too much is weighed on them.


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