DIY Pallet Projects For the backyard

5.Garden trellis for plants

5.Garden trellis for plants

Be it a barn, in your backyard or in your farm, pallets have always come in handy when it comes to DIY projects and they are an amazing way to create a lot of perfect things that you need without spending too much money. Another added advantage is that they are easy to get your hands on and the monetary aspect of it, they are cheap and affordable when you compare with how much you would have spent if you had chosen to use other means. Below we have a few great ideas for the outdoors using pallets, we hope you enjoy these tips.

Firewood shed : build your own amazing DIY firewood shed using pallets, you can make it any size you want and the added advantage Is that you can stock as much wood as you need and not worry about compromising the structure.

Chicken coop : for your flocking you can create and paint your own chicken flock like this to any specification you need it to be, it’s a lovely idea that also looks neat around the place.

Pallet rabbit hutch : this great pallet hutch made for your rabbits really needs not much work and wouldn’t cost much to make and is still very functional in all a rabbit hutch should be.

Greenhouse pallets : with pallets you can also make your own greenhouse, instead of using the old expensive traditional methods this could work well.

Garden trellis for plants : make your plant support like this and have support for your climbing plants to grow up straight , cheap, simple and effective solution.

Pallet Garden Gate : make a nice gate for your garden, it need not be fancy  but it needs to be functional enough to be a gate for the garden and this one can be painted and really made to blend in well with the area.

Fence for Pigs : make yourself a nice pig and goat structure for your farm easily using pallets, they are strong and will come in handy well

Pallet shed: this is a nice looking pallet shed that looks amazing and is great for any back yard, very functional and durable.

Corral Garden tools : use a wood pallet as a form of support structure for your tools to keep track of them not to get lost.

Pallet raised garden beds: make your raised garden beds with pallets to have a nice and clean looking are, the added advantage is that they take really long to be worn out so your structure will last for quite a while.

Goat hay feeder : make a great and cheap hay feeder for your goats, this is a cheap idea and a great one to last you a long while too. The same can be done when making feeders for all your other farm animals, pallets always work.

Pallet compost bin : a compost bin is always essential at the farms and with pallets all this can be made possible, creating one as big as you need it to be.

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