DIY Vintage Ideas For Kitchen

14. Cafe Curtains

14. Cafe Curtains

Vintage is stylish and timeless. If you are looking forward to refurbish with the vintage interiors then you can definitely give it a fresh look yet it will make your home look classic. Here are few simple and affordable ideas for a vintage kitchen.

Wooden kitchen cupboard

This is very easy to make and it gives the house that vintage look which doesn’t only change your kitchen’s atmosphere, but also captivates your kitchen with a farmhouse warmth.

Wooden Hidden Pantry

When I moved to a new apartment, smaller from my previous one. I had to brainstorm all possible ways of utilizing the little space I had in my kitchen. So this is what I came up with. A wooden hidden pantry of 4.5 inches between my refrigerator and the wall that actually created a room for more storage without taking additional space.

Floating Live-Edge Shelves

Well, this little detail has magic to change the entire kitchen look. When I firstly thought of doing this, I wasn’t sure of the transformation it would bring. So far, I now admire my kitchen than before. The drilling part was challenging but the dramatic look worthies it.

On the other hand, shelves can be semi-closed and still gives a beautiful look if spiced up with nature.

The homemade little cute cafe curtains from some Ikea towels can be a brilliant ideas to complete the vintage touch.

Wooden Fruit Table

This is easy to make. You only need wood pieces and mat baskets to be fixed between the stool stands. It makes kitchen work easier because you get to know what and where to get fruit or vegetable in a fraction of second. As for me, it even helps reminding me to eat fruits.

Wooden Glass Hanger

Simple. Only a piece of wood and 12 nails makes it work. You may add little lights below to illuminate the glass in the dark, fabulous!

Wooden Silverware Box

My kids would always throw spoons down on the floor from the open frame dish rack and the noise would frustrate me. But this wooden silverware box became a solution. Soon after washing and drying them up, I keep them all in this wooden box.

Utensils Storage Drawers

If you hate seeing all utensils dancing in your kitchen, then this is a perfect idea for you. Keep your utensils well tide up, away from dust and stress of dropping them on the floor.

Fruit Storage Shelf

This food storage shelf is perfect for storing all sorts of fruits and vegetables freshly.

Kitchen Charging Station

Phone addict? Or you like working in the kitchen with your phone close but it’s low battery? Here is an idea you may like. Simple metal rack hanging near the socket so you don’t have to go in and out the kitchen just to check on it. DIY brings your phone close to you, anywhere.


You may prefer to hand all your utensils right on the spot. Fast and easy to access.

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