Extraordinary Halloween Decorations You Can Do Yourself

12.DIY Painted Doormat

12.DIY Painted Doormat

It is about time that you need to brainstorm Halloween ideas because Halloween is here. Well, not only ideas but extraordinary ones. Not only that but which will not victimize your wallet. In the end of all these, you get to do each step by yourself. See where the magic comes in? You are going to be your own project creator, bring the ideas to life. You know what is the best part about this? Your creation will not look like somebody else’s. It may be same idea but your personal touch will make it unique. Let us begin; below are 14 breathtaking ideas I have collected for you.

The Floating Ghost

This project requires inexpensive materials and it is very simple to make. You only need a cheesecloth, cornstarch and water. With the cheesecloth, it is often found in any close grocery store so don’t worry. Then you are good to go in a fraction of second, your house be haunted already.

Spooky Cup Emonjis

Get yourself some colorful plastic cups from the store or you probably already have them in your kitchen. Then get the tea candles according to the number of cups and a marker. Create the world of Halloween emonjis you can imagine in your head. Remember, scary and worried faces only are allowed, no happy faces.

Deadly Front Door

It is a very easy project. You can make this mummy door by using a good ole fashioned crepe paper streamers. People deserve the Halloween atmosphere right from the doorstep.

The Bat wall

We are all aware of the batman, what about the bat wall? The arrangement is gorgeous and it speaks for itself that it is Halloween. You can do this project with your kids and all you need is some black cards, scissors and tapes then you are good to go.

The Monster Door

Are you considering a trick or treat party at your house? Then please consider these monster doors too. Pick your favorite and go ahead with it. It is a brilliant idea!

The Spider Web Wall

Yes spiders like to build their webs on the walls. And it is so frustrating to walk into your room and see their web at the corner. But guess when will the same situation happen and not frustrate you? Answer is Halloween. That’s the only time we can create our own huge web and be proud of.

Paper Bag Lights

Maintain the cozy feel in your house with these paper light bags placed on your staircase with monster faces and messages for Halloween. You will cut or paint into the shapes and words you would like and illuminate them.

Monster House Face

Allow your house to be possessed by an angry ghost with green freaking eyes and sharp teeth ready to chew someone. These two simple features can change the total look of your house.

DIY Paper Mice

To add a dramatic look in your house this Halloween, this can do. The mice templates are available freely from Martha Stewart. You may stick them on the staircase, door, chair or the floor.

Spirit Jugs

If you have old milk jugs which you have always wanted to recycle them, now is the time. You can spruce up your space with these glowing jugs following your hallway or walkway from the gate. Bring them to life using the markers, knife and string of lights.

Halloween Wall Faces

You can spice up your wall with these simple craft masks covering the LED tealights. Leave a remarkable effect on the festive mood with these. It doesn’t take 10 minutes to get this final image.

DIY Painted Doormat

Create your own customized doormat. Black and Grey complement each other and add vibe to your entrance. Let your visitors enjoy the warm gestures of Halloween.

Black and White Halloween Topiary

This is perfect to be placed at the house entrance or party hall. If you are hugely craving for black and white match, finish it craving on this project, it is a perfect color combination.

The Haunted House

There are many versions of Haunted Houses but this outstands all. Wait for the sun to go down and let your neighbors call the police for you only to realize that they are not real ghosts.

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