Fantastic DIYs for Outdoor Summer Lights

2. Lights in Bulb Covers

2. Lights in Bulb Covers

With summer, comes brighter colors and friendlier atmosphere all around. With the warmth of summer, people find it easier to do more walking around to get some well-deserved fresh air. Here, for you, we have some incredible ideas for your outdoor lights. These ideas are absolutely summer friendly! With these ideas, those who pass by will definitely adore and admire your outdoor lights and will most definitely throw you some compliments on the job well done. The themes and the colors of the lights will definitely help create more of that fun and friendly feeling that comes along with summer. Take a look at these great DIYs and give them a try.

Tin Can Lanterns

You may be wondering just how effective tin cans can be for making lanterns, considering the fact that they are definitely not translucent. Well, worry not, because with this DIY, you will not only be taking part in recycling your old tin cans, but you will be making some beautifully patterned lanterns in the process. For the lights to be seen outside the tin cans, you can simply drill some small holes into the cans. You can choose to make particular patterns with the holes or, just make them randomly. The cans can also be painted over with any color of your choice really.

Lights in Bulb Covers

If you are going for the simple but quite effective way of using lights as part of your outdoor décor, then this DIY is a must try for you. For this, all you are to do is to do is to place some LED string Lights in simple patterned bulb covers. You can then place the bulb covers randomly on your lawn.

LED Lights on Letters

Not only light a great idea when it comes to outdoor décor but incorporating lights and lettering is absolutely amazing. You can use large letter cutouts to form particular words or simply use individual letters to make these lights. Simply attach the lights to the letters I a way that follows the outline of the letters. This way, the lights will highlight the letter that they are on.

DIY Faux Metal Star Lanterns

These lanterns are absolutely lovely and creative! This DIY basically involves making some metal look-alike lanterns. You can simply do this by making lanterns out of materials that can easily be painted over. Then you use some metallic paint or some paint that will make the lanterns look as though they are made out of metal. You can then place these lanterns all around your yard.

Simple Lamps

This DIY is as simple as simple gets when it comes to outdoor lights décor. It involves using your everyday lamps as the décor. This décor idea is best used if the lamps are being places on a verandah or someplace closer to the house rather than randomly in the yard.

Lights in Bottle

Recycling and reusing of glass bottles is an absolutely great deal! To get involved in this movement of making the environment a better place, you can simply use your empty glass bottles as part of your décor instead of just throwing them away. The color of the bottles definitely does affect the color that the lights will be emitting. This is a great way to get different colored lights if you only have a single color for your lights.

Mason Jar Tree Chandelier

This is a great DIY to use for decorating your trees with some lights. You can attach some strings to some mason jars and attach the ropes to one surface that will be able to hold many mason jars at once and when hang in a tree. Then in the mason jars, you can place some sand or pebbles before you place the candles in the hem.

Summer Lights Wonder Land

To achieve the most from this DIY, you can simple use it when you have a special outdoor occasion. Simply place your lights in either a tree or especially any anywhere where they will be right above the whole outdoor gathering set up. This way, the summer lights wonder land is appreciated at its fullest.

Hula Hoop Chandelier

This is quite a simple chandelier that you can make. It simply involves attaching some lights onto a hula hoop in a way that has the lights dangling just a little, just like they would on a chandelier. You can then place this lovely and simple chandelier in a tree or hang them on some high bushes.

Fairytale Light Creation

This an absolutely beautiful way of incorporating lights to your outdoors. It involves making the lights look as though they are flowing out of a magic teapot. Make sure to use some nice and bright colors to completely achieve the look.

Unique Garden Lantern

Lanterns are definitely a friendly and amazing way of using lights for your outdoor décor. For this DIY, you can use glass bottles, mason jars, and even vases to make the lanterns. You can then place some candles into the covers and hand the lanterns. The lanterns can be of different colors if you please.

DIY Pool and Garden Orbs

With these orbs, you can decorate for an outdoor event. You can then use colors for the orbs that match the theme of whatever the event is. The colors of the lights really do make up most of the decorative part when using the orbs.

Colorful Light Covers

To make this light covers colorful you can simply use some glue to stick some colorful beads onto the light covers. This way, when the lights are placed inside the light covers, they will shine out the different colors on the light covers.

Anthro-style Metal Work Hurricane

This is an absolutely classy way to use lights for your outdoor décor. It involves using some creatively shaped see-through glass light covers.  You can then place some LED string lights into the light covers in a way that makes them look like they are floating lights. You can achieve his effect by making sure that the color of the string on the lights easily blends in with the surrounding of where you place the lights.

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