Most Fascinating Decorations for Halloween

3.Pacman Halloween Garland

3.Pacman Halloween Garland

There comes the time when one is allowed to pop up their evil and dark side in the most creative way without being judged. C’mon, we all know we have a little dark spot hiding inside and every time it comes out, we are judged and we feel guilty for that. First, you should understand sin was human’s nature. It is out of control sometimes and you don’t have to be apologetic for that. It just reminds you that you are human and so everyone else is; including the ones judging you. But guess what, you can maximize your skills, creativity and imagination using that little dark spot in you to make the most of it this Halloween. I have collected few ideas for you, feel free to go extra mile with them.

Walkway White Skulls

Make that drive to your house more interesting and exciting with this line of skulls made out of paper and sticks. They are decent and won’t scary the kids around. It is also a very simple project which you can do with your kids.

Little Hanging Ghosts

These ghosts have become so famous for Halloween decorations. They are easy to make and they don’t need so much to achieve this look. These are simply little balls with cheesecloth covering them. Then you use a marker to mark ghost eyes. It is a perfect décor to hang above the dining table or door entry.

Pacman Halloween Garland

To a lonely wall, this garland deserves it. I like the idea that I can still insist this for my kids’ birthday party and it would still rock. Not so scary yet it is enough to connect that it is Halloween.

Jack Skellington Door

You don’t need to invest so much energy for this one. You need tapes for the ghost mouth, black paper and paper glue for the eyes and the nose. The rest can be done in 10 minutes. It is simple and cute.

Wicked Witch Legs

I know my grandma will fall this idea. I should probably consider visiting her and do this for her. She will be so happy. So, how to do this? Simply take the mannequin legs, put striped socks with funny shoes then stick them in the pot or flower vase facing upside down.

Flying Bats on the Wall

I love the final look and it is one of the most trending Halloween DIY projects. Get the paper bats and stick them in good arrangement then you are good to go. But Mmmh, I have a question. Is bat a bird or an animal? Please leave a comment below.

Spider Web Railing

You may consider this if you have some removable railing posts so you can fill the empty space with a sturdy spider web using a black wire. Preferably near the bottom of the staircase for safety purpose.

Skewed Decor

Well, a ghost house would never look neat and well arranged. This is a look you would want to achieve. Here, you don’t want to play perfect. Everything should be scattered, asymmetrical and disorganized. That’s when Halloween starts to become real.

Halloween Table

See other possibilities of transforming a decent and holly table look more Halloween than ever. The trick is to add little details which purposely reflect Halloween such as the spiders, dolls, black candies and making sure everything on the table looks dark.

Spider Chandelier

A priceless chandelier is here hanging from the ceiling. All we need is to attain that old uncared for house just as this has portrayed. I hope you can see little detail left at the bottom too.

Ghost Leaves

Thank god, Halloween always will be during the fall season. When the fields are not green ; but orange, yellow and brown. Oh, I love the colors. Well, use spray paint to paint the leaves and give them ghost faces; they already have arms and legs. Can you see that?

Outdoor Warning Signs

You guests should get intimidated before they reach your house door and this is one of the best ways to do so. Prepare their psychology for worse that is about to happen in your trick or treat party.

DIY Angry Cat

Add two angry cats facing away from each other on your wall frames with one cat face at the top between the frames. This can be a little detail to add on top of the fireplace.

Welcome Greetings

Put the witch legs just close to the doormat and make it seem like this mat chops people’s legs. I like the little effect too added by the pumpkin ghost face beside the door.

The Ghost Tree

Imagine you’re going to visit your neighbor and find this on her front yard. I will run for my life. You can tell the story from this picture that a man riding on a bicycle, jumped into the grave and got his body stuck in the tree.

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