Incredible DIYs for Valentine’s Day Craft

1. Confetti Valentine Mason Jars

1. Confetti Valentine Mason Jars

Creativity is needed when making all kinds of decorations and crafts. The better the piece of decorations or craft, the more of the maker’s creativity we get to see and appreciate. Around this this time of the year, we are starting to get ready and prepare for Diy Valentine’s Day. This is a great chance for you to show case your creativity through making the best of the best valentine’s crafts and decorations. Here are some amazing DIY ideas for you to try out as you make the valentine’s crafts and decorations.

Confetti Valentine Mason Jar

This Mason jar contains some Valentine’s Day themed candy. The candy is wrapped in some Valentine’s Day friendly colors and the jar has some Valentine’s Day friendly decorations as well. You can decorate the mason jar with some ribbons and some paper. You can choose to cut up the papers into some heart and flower shapes. This mason jar of candy can be given to people just to say, “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!”

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

To make these hearts, you will need some yarn and some card board cut out into hearts. You can then simply wrap the yarn around the card board hearts until the card board is completely covered. You can choose any color for the yarn. You can place these hearts in a bowl and place them on a table as decoration.

Diy Valentine’s Fun Hats

This hearts are completely made out of paper. You can choose to use already colored paper or, you can paint or color over the original color of the paper into any colors of your choice. The best paper to use to make these hats is Manila paper because it is strong and can easily be bent. These hats can be won at a fun Valentine’s Day party by both adults and children.

Lettering Blocks

For this DIY, you can use ordinary play blocks. Only this time, you will be sticking some photographs of you and your valentine on some sides of the blocks, and on the other side, you can place some lettering. When you put some blocks together, they must be able to make a Valentine’s Day friendly word such as LOVE or HUGS.

Foam Yarn Hearts

To make this heart, instead of using card board, you can choose to wrap some yarn over a foamy material. The heart will still come out looking just the same as when you use card board heart cut outs. The best yarn colors to make these hearts are some friendly lighter shades of colors.

Diy Popsicle Stick Planes

Popsicle sticks are great for decorations. For this idea, you can paint the Popsicle sticks into any of the Valentine’s Day friendly colors. Then, you stick the Popsicle sticks to some wooden pegs. This way, you can use the planes to hold up some photographs and cards to a sting. This is quite a unique way to hold up some of your Valentine’s Day decorations.

Pom Pom Pillow

To make this pillow, you will need some tiny pomp oms and a cushion. Make sure that the colors of both the cushion and the pom poms are Valentine’s Day friendly. You can choose to either sew the little pom poms onto the cushion, or stick them instead. Whichever you choose must be able to hold the pom poms secure to the cushion. The pomp oms can be stuck or sews in a way that the make a sweet word that is related to Valentine’s Day.

Diy Valentine’s day Cards

This is an artsy way to make Valentine’s Day cards. You need to use a paper that is red, pink or white to make the card. Cut out a cut in the middle of the front of the card. Then, you can use some paint that is in the other Valentine’s Day colors that are different from the color of the card, and a pencil rubber to decorate around the cut out heart.

Diy Valentine’s day Cookies

These are simple heart shaped cookies. To decorate the cookies, you ca use some red, pink or white icing. You can then use some dark colored icing to write on top of the cookies. You can write some Valentine’s Day related words, or, you can write the names of the people who you are going to enjoy the cookies with.

Paper Heart Garland

To make this garland, you will need to join some strips of paper to make some paper hearts. You can then stick the hearts on to a string or a stick to make the garland. You can place the garland anywhere you please to be part of your Valentine’s Day decor. The paper that you use to make the hearts has to be red, pink or white.

Diy Valentine’s 3D Hearts

I absolutely love this DIY! it is very creative and surely will have people admiring your work. Make sure that the paper you use to make the hearts is valentine’s color friendly. These hearts can be stuck directly to a wall, or, you could stick them to a board, and then hang the board on to the wall. Another way to present these 3D hearts is by sticking them on to a paper then framing the paper.

Love Valentine’s Craft

This DIY involves using lettering to make some decorations. You can carve out letters then paint them over to decorate them, or, simply stick some letters to blocks and writing on boards. The lettering obviously has to be Valentine’s Day friendly.

Thread Hearts

To be honest, this is one of my absolute favorite decorations. It involves nailing some nails to a wooden board. The nails should not go in all the way. You then wrap some thread around the nails in any random pattern. The more random the pattern, the better. You can the hang the board on a wall for all to admire.

Diy Valentine’s Cup Cakes

All you have to do for this DIY is to decorate some cup cakes with some decorations that are Valentine’s Day friendly. You can use some icing and on top of the icing, you can stick a toothpick with a glittery heart on the top. The glittery heart can be made by using hard icing and food glitters.

Fabric Heart Wreath

This wreath is made into a heart shape and is made out of some cloth. Sew or stick the cloth together to create some ruffles. You can then join the ends of the now ruffled cloth to make the wreath. The cloth you use should be red, white or pink. When the wreath is done, you can then hang it anywhere you please.

Nail Polish Marble Mugs

This DIY is a must try! It involves dipping mugs into some water mixed with nail polish. Make sure that the nail polish that you use is pink, red or white. After you dip the mug, make sure that you place it in a place where it can dry up with no disturbance. You can give these mugs out as valentine’s gifts.

DIY Doily Garland

In my opinion, the doily pattern can never go out of style. For this DIY, you will be making some heart garlands using some cloth or paper cut out in to hearts with the doily pattern. You can hang the garlands anywhere you see appropriate.

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