Incredible DIYs for using Lettering for Your Decor

10. Artiicial Flower Letters

10. Artiicial Flower Letters

If you are not an ordinary person and love to be unique and creative, it is a strict must for you to check these DIYs out! With these amazing ideas, you will get to see just how you can mix things up when you are decorating either for casual use or for an event. These DIYs are absolutely easy, fun and affordable to make, so worry not! Dare to be artsy and unique and use letters as part of your décor, whether it is to make words or just use individual letters to create a masterpiece in your decor.

Flower Filled Trays

If flowers are your absolute favorites when it comes to decorations, you are to try this DIY out. It is quite easy to make and the outcome is amazing. You simply stick some flowers, whether fresh, dry or artificial into some letter-shaped trays. The trays that you use can be of any material you please, depending on where you plan to place the letters.

DIY Fur Letters

For the DIY, you do not need actual animal fur to make. You can simply use some cotton wool for the fur. This will allow you to have some creative and lovely letters and at the same time be animal-friendly. To make these letters, you simply have to stick some cotton wool onto some letter cutouts. You can use cardboard for the letter cutouts. This is quite an affordable way to make some beautiful letters.

DIY Leather Monogram with Nail Head Trim

This DIY is a great way of recycling and reusing some old leather objects that you have. It simply involves sticking or nailing some leather onto some wooden letter cutouts. This is definitely is not something you get to see every day, meaning that it is quite a unique DIY. To add some detail to the leather letters, you can simply use some beads or pearls to stick to the outline. You will see that using leather to decorate the letters will give them that vintage and classy look.

Colorful Letter Collage

For this DIY, is best used when the letters are being used to indicate something. This way, you can use some pictures of what every the letter are indicating. For example, you can use some letters to indicate a reading area for children’s books. You could some picture cutouts of some famous children book characters to make a collage of the letters. This is creative, no doubt.

Easy DIY Marquee Letters

Marquee letters are absolutely amazing! You can use marquee letters to make signs. This is because the lights on the letters can easily stand out, thus making nose near and far be able to see them. This is the perfect DIY to use when you need you need people to easily see them. For these letters to achieve their full potential, make sure to place the lights in a way that outlines the letters fully.

Pearl Embellished Joy Letters

If you want to go for the classy look with your letters, there is no better way to do it than to use some pearls. You can use either some cardboard or some wooden letter cutouts. You can choose to paint over the letters so that their colors blend in well with that of the pearls. With the pearls, you can choose to use them to cover up the whole letter, or, to just add bits and pieces as an additional decoration.

Lit Up Letters

This type of lettering basically involved including some lights as the main paint of your lettering. You can use any kind of lights just as long as they can fit well to the letters. You can either paint the letters to be the same color as the lights that you will have used or, they can be different colors, just as long as the end result is that that you will be pleased with.

Mini Garden Letters

This is an absolutely interesting and creative way of making and decorating your letters. If you are into gardening, you can use this DIY to your advantage. You can simply plant some of your favorite flowers in a plant pot that is shaped as the letters you want. This way, when the flowers have grown and have blossomed, they will help form up the letters.

Decoupage Map Letter DIY

If you love to travel and do not mind letting others know, you can decorate some letter cutouts with some pieces of a map. It certainly is not every day that you see the map as a form of decorating. This will definitely be outstanding and will definitely attract the attention of those who will see the letters.

Artificial Flower Letters

If you are a fan of colors and flowers together, you can use this DIY to your letter décor. It basically involves sticking some very colorful artificial flowers to some letter cutouts. You can then place these very colorful letters against a plain background. This way, their color pops out and becomes more vivid.

Rustic Flower Letters

Simple is beautiful. This is basically the theme of this DIY. The rustic simplicity of decorating definitely makes the letters look beautiful. Not much is going on the letter, but they look absolutely lovely. You can choose to use flowers of the same color but different shades to decorate the letters. It is as simple as that!

Color Theme on Letters

For this DIY, you will simply be using particular color them to decorate the letters. The color theme has to be according to what the letters are saying. For example, for the celebration of love, you can paint some letter cutouts with colors that are usually associated with the word, such as red, pink and white. You can also use different materials and media of art to decorate the letters.

DIY Glitter Letters

Can you ever go wrong with glitters when it comes to decorations? I don’t think so. Using glitters to decorate your letters is one of the simplest ways every. It basically involves sticking some glue to your letters. If you please, you can first paint over the letters before you stick the glitters to tem. Make sure to place the letters where they will not be disturbed, this way, the glitters will not fall off the letters.

Confetti Letter

This is a very affordable DIY for decorating your letters. You can simply make the confetti by cutting out some papers into small pieces, with the colors of your choice. Then, you will stick the confetti to the letters that will have been painted in a plain color so not to over shadow the color of the confetti.

Burlap Wrapped Letters

Burlap rope is definitely always a go to when it comes to decorating. For this DIY, you can simply wrap some burlap rope around the letter cutouts. For additional decoration for the letters, you can simply glue some artificial cloth flowers onto the burlap. This is quite a simple way of decorating your letters.

Fresh Flowers

The idea of using fresh flowers for decoration for your letters may seem like an impossible idea, but, in fact, it can be easily done with no problems. This DIY is best used for short-term decoration for your letters. This is because the fresh flowers will eventually wither. But, they will definitely be worth it to use for decorations.

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