Master Bathroom Makeover DIY Ideas

2.Wooden cabinets

2.Wooden cabinets

A small master bathroom is a hassle, especially with the small cheap fixtures that end up amounting to a lot of money. Homeowners often find themselves not loving  their bathroom space simply because its small and this is wrong, it shouldn’t be the case. A small bathroom doesn’t mean an ugly one, I can be made into a nice and beautiful space with beautiful professional looking bathroom. Below we give you a few ideas you can use for your small bathroom space.

Wooden wall ideas: a wooden wall is always a great idea as it looks amazing and they keep a neat and sophisticated look to the place, an added advantage is that the wooden wall is a much cheaper option as opposed to the usual

Wooden cabinets : to make the rom more spacious and have enough storage space we suggest making your own wooden cabinet for space like this and it makes it easier for you to store anything you might need to.

Sliding barn door : The sliding barn door is amazing because it looks innovative and also has a vintage great look to it, it brings a more creative look to the home as opposed to the traditional normal door.

Floating shelves : these floating shelves are amazing because they give an added touch to the place in terms of giving you more storage are for your small bathroom.

Finished bathroom : here is a general idea  how a small bathroom can be made  into, everything you see here is DIY made and is easy to make and maintain.

Walls : Tear up your old traditional walls and make the place your own, this way the wooden walls we spoke about before make for a great and easy addition. You could also go for a slightly more expensive choice, its all up to you.

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