Tips on How To Make Custom Awards More Special

Are you interested in offering businesses, sports teams, and other organizations with awards, certificates, and trophies? Are you a crafter who loves to do custom awards and trophies? Do you want to improve your craft and turn it into a profitable venture? If your answers to these questions are all yes, this article might be helpful for you.

If you would like to enhance your style and turn your hobby into a business, there is no limit in what you can do and no one could stop you from reaching your dreams. To attract more customers and clients, here is a rundown on how you can make your custom awards and trophies more appealing and more meaningful.

1. custom awards

1. custom awards

What are Custom Awards?

Custom awards and trophies are the coolest and trending types of awards available in the market today. Businesses in this particular segment have the skills and ability to create, design, and develop custom awards and trophies in different sizes, colors, shapes, and materials that customers want. These businesses simply go beyond adding the name of the recipient to make it customized. Here are some tips on how to make a genuinely memorable keepsake.

How To Make More Meaningful Custom Awards?

1. Create a Uniquely Shaped or Colored Award

The classic rectangular award is obsolete and monotonous and recipients feel just okay receiving it. But if you want your business to make an impact on your clients, provide a unique one that really stands out from the rest. Custom awards and trophies can take any kind of forms or shapes that you can think of. To do this, custom the design based on the purpose of the award, the kind of accomplishment, the title of the awards ceremony, or the setting where the award will be presented.

Another way of making a more special award is by using colors. If you are planning to make the awards in the same design or shapes, you can make it stand out by giving each one a different hue. This way, recipients feel that they received a one of a kind award.

2. Add An Image That Reflects Your Own Brand

You can do this by adding imagery that reflects your business. It is important that while the image stands out, it is also subtle. You can also add your business’ logo on the corner of the award or trophy or make it a light background of the whole award. With custom awards, you can integrate different types of designs in a single award. You can make the top part of the award to be about the brand and the lower half could be an entirely different design or color aesthetic.

3. Integrate More Personal Details

Putting the name of the recipient in the trophy or award is already a given. However, what makes the award more meaningful is if you put other personal details about the recipient on it. This way, they will not only remember the title of the award but also the moment when they receive it. You could include personal details such as the full date, title of the award, and the reason(s) the person is receiving the award. You could also include something that identifies the recipient such as tenure with the company, role, or position when the recipient received the award.

4. Include a Meaningful Quote

You can show off the corporate values of the business by including its mission, motto, vision, or quote that reflects how the company conducts its business. It is important to ensure that the quote is significant to the occasion or the reason for the award and the recipient of the award. Inspiring quotes can serve as a reminder to the recipient and motivate him to pursue greatness in his career.

5. Integrate a Photo

If you can add the logo of the company or the logo of your business in the custom award, you can also add other photos on it. You can integrate the photo of the recipient, photo of the recipient and the team he works with, photo of the recipient and his family. Photos preserve moments and could stir up memories that can affect sentiments and actions. Integrating a photo to an award or trophy is adding a fun and sentimental touch on it.

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