To Store Your Kitchen Knives Here Are 10 Excellent Ways

To Store Your Kitchen Knives Here Are 10 Excellent Ways 1

To Store Your Kitchen Knives Here Are 10 Excellent Ways 1

Kitchen knives are wonderful tools used in food preparation and in other specific tasks to complete cooking or food processing. However, they can be harmful if not properly kept in safe place.

Knife Holder : They are simple and elegant; used in holding knives in suspension in a safe corner in the kitchen.

Magnetic Knife Racks: Knives don’t really seem to be stored safely, but in fact the rack has magnets that hold them there firmly by rare earth magnets fitted on thicken wooden line.

Knife Cabinet Block: This knife storage block allows you to save space is offered by this under cabinet knife block.

Stainless Steel Knife Rack: This durable, simple and hygienic, stainless steel rack have all the knives sit safely.

Classical Knife Wooden Block: This type of knife storage block has slots for different types of knives of different shapes and sizes and a space for scissors.

Open-Block Knife Storage System: This is a very ingenious open-block design. It’s very simple, and very easy to build; with some laminated pine shelves and lots of bamboo skewers.

Split-Open Table Storage System: This is a very convenient and interesting storage system. The basic idea is that the table has a series of slits cut into its surface and you can insert a knife in each one which can be retrieved with ease.

Segmented-Storage Drawer: This storage system makes use of severally horizontal slit-like shelves that wholly habour the knife blades.

Wooden Knife Wallet: It can also be installed somewhere else or you can just simply leave it on the counter.

Magnetic Wall Rack: It needs a good place where you can mount it on the wall and you can be certain that your knives will stay there.

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